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From Highschool Dropout To Millionaire: Aaron Ware’s Story

While many only ever dream of becoming millionaires, Aaron Ware fulfilled his dream, despite being a high school dropout.

Today he shares his story of how his sacrifice has paid off.

Having struggled to get where he is today, he recognizes the importance of extending a branch to upcoming entrepreneurs to save them from some of the struggles he encountered.

Be prepared to put in the hours

As a business owner, even at its roots, you should accept that you can’t have your cake and eat it. Ware says he owes his current success to the time he invested in his twenties.

And now his hard work is paying back tenfold. 

The hours he spent working in construction and mining are nothing compared to how much he had to focus on his craft. He recalls the headaches and sleepless nights, struggling to become what he is today.

Diligence is a virtue as an entrepreneur, and that will be severely tested at the onset of your enterprise. 

While he could have been enjoying his twenties with his peers, Ware chose a different path – work now, reap the benefits later. One’s determination to succeed should be enough to make them sacrifice whatever doesn’t serve them in the quest for greatness.

And now, looking back, he’s glad that he did because now he doesn’t have to work for money, his money works for him.

The Effort Needed At Grassroot Level

Aaron says you’ll need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get the job done right from the inception of your company.

Take the reins in balancing your accounting books, don’t just lead from the front, lead from within.

One of the essential things the Millionaire emphasizes is being humble enough to work at every level of your business. While helping you appreciate everything that goes into your establishment, it also alerts you to the skills needed at every department. That way, you won’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong people for the job as he did.

If you understand your dreams’ vastness, the effort you’ll also apply to fulfill it must be double. His is a story of risk-taking and a combination of working hard and working smart.

Ware’s hunger for success meant that even on the brink of having an emotional breakdown from the stress load, he pushed on regardless.

There’s no recipe for success, being prepared to make mistakes, fall and still get back up is what will set an entrepreneur apart from those who fail.

Mistakes and failure are not the same, and your willingness to return to the drawing board with a positive attitude is what makes them so. One recognizes alternative thinking and works to find ways that work, while the other despairs and gives up.

What Did It Cost Him?

Focusing so much of your attention and time is bound to make you lose out on several things.

For Aaron, it was friends that fell off and moments that he couldn’t be in because he was invested in seeing his business succeed.

The statistics for failure made him work hard to a point where he recalls losing some relationships. Luckily he had the assistance of a few friends that were by his side, and one of them was his apprentice right at the beginning, driving around with him as they wondered where they’d find people to hire them.

On top of everything else, he also lost a lot of money to investments that were dead ends. At some point, he purchased the wrong materials, losing a large chunk of cash, even pushing him to pay his workers from his own savings when the business wasn’t making enough money.

Where is He Today?

Knowing what he knows now, Aaron proclaims that some of the hardships he faced only came about because of a lack of experience and a lack of projects mentoring young entrepreneurs on how to handle their businesses. 

That’s where his energy is now focused. 

The experience and knowledge he has now have made him into the success story he is today. And he says that, had he been equipped with these skills a few years earlier, his business would have earned him beyond twenty million every year.

His enthusiasm for business development has intrigued him to utilize his influence to make a difference. He aims to share pointers on how to begin and expand one’s business based on his experiences.

In his book Trade Made, he shares these ideas and gives helpful nuggets of information to help entrepreneurs make it in their respective fields.

His training course aims to change the statistics of business failure by equipping entrepreneurs with the information they can use to grow their crafts. Even with years of apprenticeship, most people never get to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business, and that’s what Aaron wants to change.

And his course will be free to the public!

You can find Aaron Ware’s written work here. And for more information about him, his coming-up story and what he’s up to now, connect with him on Instagram, YouTube, or his website.

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