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Anthem Set to Roll Out New Blockchain Feature to Its 40 Million Clients within a Three-Year Span

Major health insurance company Anthem is utilizing blockchain technology to ensure that the medical data of its 40 million members are secure. The company is reportedly aiming to provide all its members access to this feature in the next three years.

A recent Forbes article revealed that the US-based company wants to take advantage of blockchain technology to provide members secure access to their medical information. They also want to give them the chance to share their personal data the way they want.

Gail Boudreaux on the Topic

While attending the recently held 8th Annual Forbes Healthcare Summit, Anthem’s CEO Gail Boudreaux explained that blockchain would make it possible for them not to worry about trust issues. It also provides Anthem the chance to “share data that people can make their own decisions on.”

Anthem, which holds the distinction of being the second-biggest health insurance company in the United States, is now conducting a pilot test on small member batches. The concerned members can use a mobile application to scan a QR code. This will give several healthcare providers access to the members’ health records for a specific period.

The company revealed its plans to integrate blockchain into its systems back in January. At the time, Anthem announced it was collaborating with Aetna, Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC), IBM, and PNC Bank on a project focused on blockchain. s

Rajeev Ronanki, Anthem’s Chief Digital Officer, explained that the group’s goal was to develop a way to keep patient information private while also increasing interoperability and trust between various digital health systems.

He also said the system will transform health care. Ronanki explained they’re basically developing a permission-based program that would let individuals own and manage their healthcare information. The system will also let them decide to make their data available to providers they deem as appropriate.

Launching 2020

Anthem will reportedly launch its planned blockchain-powered system next year. However, the project is set to be rolled out in phases.

Blockchain is the ideal technology to carry out Anthem’s vision. As a decentralized database, it builds a record of when information is exchanged or accessed. It would allow companies in the healthcare sector, particularly those dealing with health records, to transfer patient data safely. It will also cut down on redundancies.

The medical data of Anthem’s customers are based on their insurance claims. It’s why the company’s management believes that blockchain will give their clients faster access to their records. It also lets them control who can view their health information.

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