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Bitcoin Industry News Wallet Allows Effortless BTC-BCH Swapping

The wallet now supports both bitcoin core (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH), and allows users to swap between the two, effortlessly. Since the release of this light crypto client, people have made a total of 3.7 million wallets, and numbers are constantly increasing. Wallet History wallet’s initial release was in August 2017, which allowed users to create wallets easily through storage, sending, and receiving of both BTC and BCH. As these wallets are noncustodial by nature, the user is solely responsible for the funds at all times.

Version 5.6 of the wallet Sideshift application

Now, version 5.6 of the wallet software was just released. According to its developers, this latest version allows users to use the Sideshift application when purchasing or swapping BTC and BCH. The button named “Start Sideshift AI” is the main operating command for the swapping of BTC with BCH and vice versa. Sideshift also allows users to select “all available funds” if they want to swap all their BCH for BTC.

New Buy Now Feature

Aside from the Sideshift feature of the wallet, there is also a recent upgrade on the buy feature. This allows users to buy BTC or BCH at an instant. Not only does the company offer a simple wallet. The wallet also has software that can operate in 10 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, and German. This latest innovation is just another way of fulfilling its mission of promoting greater accessibility for crypto users.

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