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Bitcoin SV Splinters into Three After 210 MB Block was Mined

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) network has splintered into three chains when a recent hard fork saw a massive block of 210 megabytes (MB) being mined. 

According to a recent BitMEX Research report, BSV node were separated into three groups on Aug. 3. This caused the network to rip into three distinct chains. 

Most of the nodes, or 65% of it, were situated at the present tip. Meanwhile, 17% of the nodes remained on the 210 MB block while 19% were still on established chain pre-hard fork and hadn’t been upgraded. 

Coin Dance

Data from Coin Dance revealed that the 210 MB block was successfully mined on Aug. 3. It was accomplished by a miner from CoinGeek and entailed 808,633 transactions. 

Bitcoin SV, which is a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), had a fortuitous run last July 24, when a scheduled hard fork was held. This was conducted in a bid to boost its block size to two gigabytes. The previous limit was set at 128MB. 

Before the three-way split occurred, BSV supporter Ryan X. Charles claimed how expensive it is to run a node. 

Money Button

Charles, the head of BSV-backed payment platform Money Button, explained on the company’s official blog the issues he encountered managing the node. He said Money Button went offline for about three hours due to the BSV node running out of memory and crashing during a stress test. 

Coin Dance is now included in the new BSV chain while the previous chain is set to be discarded. There’s a chance that miners stuck on this chain will lose some money.

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