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Bitmessage Creator Testifies against Craig Wright, Says Australian Presented Fake Documents

Bitmessage developer Jonathan Warren has testified against Craig Wright in the ongoing lawsuit filed by the estate of the late David Kleiman. Warren also stated in his testimony that some of the documents Wright presented in a recent trial were falsified. 

Access Before Launched

According to documents, Warren appeared before the Southern District of Florida court and confirmed he developed Bitmessage. He also revealed that Wright and Kleiman, a cyber-security expert, both had access to the peer-to-peer messaging service before it was launched. 

Kleiman is credited as one of the first developers of blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC) technology.

During his testimony, Warren pointed out several chronological inconsistencies in the documents Wright submitted to the court. He claimed that the Australian appeared to have faked Bitmessages, email correspondences, and contracts that would reportedly place Kleiman’s assets under Wright’s authority. 

Nov. 19, 2012

Warren also said it was likely that printouts of correspondence between Wright and the late Kleiman before Nov. 19, 2012 were forged. He explained that Bitmessage still wasn’t released in October 2012, so the messages between the two men must be fake. Warren suggested that either the screenshot or the date was falsified.

It’s not the first time Wright has been accused of providing the court with fake documents. Trial attorney Stephen Palley accused Wright back in July of submitting a falsified trust deed. 

Prior to Palley’s accusations, Wright had told the court that he couldn’t comply with the order to give a list of his early Bitcoin addresses because he might not have access to the coins. He also failed to submit a list of his public BTC addresses.

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