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Bittrex Exchange Set to Block US-Based Users from Accessing 32 Cryptocurrencies

Crypto exchange Bittrex recently announced that it will block US-based users from accessing and trading in 32 cryptos.

In an official blog post, Bittrex said that traders in the United States won’t be able to access several coins on the crypto exchange platform after June 21. STORJ and QTUM are included in this list.

All Traders Will Be Notified Via Email

Bittrex also emphasized that said traders will be notified via email about this development. The email will reportedly explain what they can and cannot do with the listed cryptocurrencies. The platform gave several options on what they can do with the digital assets, like selling them, canceling their orders, or transferring them to another platform.

Once the block comes into effect, Bittrex’ US customers will not be able to purchase or sell particular coins. Meanwhile, all active orders regarding them will be canceled. US-based traders will still be privy to limited functionality and the assets will be moved to the Bittrex International platform.

Bittrex International, Not Open to US Users

This international platform is Bittrex’s European affiliate. While it lists specific tokens that are available on Bittrex International, it’s not open to US users.

Bittrex was set to have its first Initial Exchange Offering (ICO) last March. The event was supposed to be hosted by Bittrex International but it was canceled.

Bittrex isn’t the only exchange blocking users. Just last week, the decentralized crypto exchange developed by Binance revealed that it will be blocking 29 countries from accessing its website by July. The United States is among the countries set to have their access curtailed.  

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