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Blockchain Consortium Bloxberg Welcomes Colombia’s National University to Its Initiative

Columbia’s National University is set to join Bloxberg, a blockchain science consortium with members from all over the world. The news was reported by Mauricio Tovar Gutierrez, a fellow head of the group based at inTIColombia.


Bloxberg is an initiative that focuses on blockchain technology. The organization is comprised of 12 research groups from 10 different countries. The Max Planck Society is head of the consortium, with the National University of Colombia the only Latin American school to be included.

The organization’s objective is to develop a framework that enriches the “scientific landscape of regionally and nationally governed blockchain networks.” It also plans to be the first decentralized network that’s globally managed by scientists for scientific purposes.  

Gutierrez admitted that the project is currently in its initial stages.

Removing the Middle Man

Bloxberg is expected to develop its use in the registration and publication of scientific journals in a bit to get rid of third parties as having an intermediary as consultants and during the assessment of projects are typically costly.

Bloxberg will allegedly allow users to check data authenticity, safeguard intellectual property, share study outcomes, permit review from peers and publication, and verify research groups.

Global Consortium

This global consortium includes such groups like Carnegie Mellon, the ETH Library of ETH Zurich, Georgia Tech, the IT University of Copenhagen, UCL, the University of Belgrade, the University of Kassel, University of Johannesburg, University of Sarajevo, and the University of Nicosia.

This is not the first time that blockchain technology has garnered the attention of academia. Last month saw the Ethereum Foundation awarding a study grant to Yale and Columbia University researchers for their work on collating a new programming language on smart contracts for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

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