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Blockchain-Powered Browser Sees 1000% Boost in Registered Publishers in the Past Year

The blockchain-powered browser Brave has reported a massive boost in publishers over the past year. Decrypt, a news outlet that’s focused on the crypto industry, recently reported that the decentralized browser enjoyed a 1,200% increase. 


BATGrowth, a monitoring site for Brave adoption, reported that Brave Rewards publishers was at 230,000 as of press time. It’s a big leap from the 18,931 users it had in July 2018. 

Data showed that the Brave Reward program is used by 29,278 publishers, including leading media organizations like the Smithsonian Magazine and the Washington Post. The blockchain browser is also patronized by 166,698 publishers in YouTube, 17,417 in Twitter, 12,000 Twitch publishers, and 2,917 Reddit publishers.

Basic Attention Token

Brave has announced early this month the release of a new feature that allowed tipping to Twitter content creators using the browser’s Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). The announcement also revealed several features of the tipping service, like the ability to set up regularly recurring tips and a mechanism that would send a tweet to a tipped content creator informing them how they can claim the donation. 

Brave was also in the news last month when reports surfaced that users of the recent in-development version of the blockchain browser could withdraw their BAT currencies after validating their identities with UpHold, a cryptocurrency bank startup. Once the user’s identity has been authenticated, they can purchase additional tokens if they wish to help with content creation and website maintenance.   

BAT is reportedly trading at about $0.201, which is 2.76% down from the last 24 hours. The currency started at $0.166 in June 2018, after peaking at $0.86 at the start of the year.

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