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Craig Wright Submits False Documents in Bid to Prove His Claim in Kleiman Case

Craig Wright reportedly submitted false documents to the court in a bid to prove to plaintiffs that he has a deed of trust. The dubious documents were recently shared on Twitter by trial attorney Stephen Palley.

According to Palley, Wright has failed to prove his innocence in the allegations levied on him by Kleiman’s estate when he presented the false papers. 

Stolen Bitcoin Worth More Than $5 Billion

Lawyers working on behalf of Kleiman’s estate has accused Wright, the self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, of stealing thousands of Bitcoin after Kleiman passed away in 2013. As of press time, the stolen Bitcoin was valued at more than $5 billion. 

Palley claimed that a document Wright presented to the District Court of Florida’s Southern District contained numerous chronological discrepancies. 

Deed of Trust

The said document was a deed of trust between Wright and the late David Kleiman dated Oct. 23, 2012. However, Palley discovered that the file’s metadata showed that it was actually made after Kleiman’s death. The proof of trust is said to have utilized a 2015 copyright notice connected to the Microsoft font Calibri. It proved that it was impossible for the document to have been created earlier than 2012. 

After he accused Wright of forging court documents, Palley wryly noted that it would make sense that the alleged inventor of bitcoin could also time travel. 

The ongoing case against Wright has been quite controversial. In June, Wright claimed that he cannot provide the court with all his bitcoin addresses as he gave vital information about the wallets to Kleiman before he passed.

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