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Crypto Data Supplier Partners with Polkadot to Boost Token Adoption

Crypto wallet and info supplier is collaborating with blockchain interservice protocol Polkadot to boost the adoption of Polkadot tokens (DOT). 

The Luxemborg-based company recently announced its decision to integrate its Blockchain Wallet to the Polkadot Network in a bid to push for DOTs decentralization and adoption. 

Once the assimilation is finished, the company expects that more than 41 million Wallets will be able to save, receive, and send DOTs. They will also be able to vote on recommended changes to council members and network protocols. 

Changing Traditional Governance

While these questions and decisions are usually left for the network’s miners, but Polkadot appears to be insistent on changing traditional governance. The company gives users the power to control and improve the network so it will adapt to the market without resorting to a hard fork. co-founder and CEO Peter Smith underlined in the company’s announcement that Polkadot is the kind of “purpose-driven network” that they would heartily support. He added that the group behind Polkadot also has the same vision as in terms of improved user control and further decentralization. 

Launched in 2017, Polkadot was the Web3 Foundation’s primary project. It was developed by Gavin Wood, who also co-founded Ethereum, and Jutta Steiner, Ethereum’s first chief of security. Both are also known for establishing Parity Technologies. 

$1.2 billion Valuation

Polkadot reported back in June that it sold 500,000 DOTs at an unmentioned price, keeping the company’s valuation at $1.2 billion. After the tokens were distributed, the company also introduced an experimental version of its protocol, The Kusama.

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