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Crypto Enthusiast John McAfee Announces Plan to Release Freedom Coin This Fall

Computer programmer and McAfee Associates founder John McAfee announced that he’ll be releasing his own cryptocurrency, dubbed the “McAfee Freedom Coin,” in the fall. The announcement was recently made via an official Twitter post and on McAfee’s website.

Independence and Isolation

The Freedom Coin is reportedly aiming for complete independence and isolation from conventional currencies, exchanges and assets. This is to allow the coin to achieve economic freedom, which McAfee’s website describes as “the Holy Grail of cryptocurrency.”

McAfee further explained the ideal properties of the new crypto and said it has to be disconnected from other cryptos and fiat currencies. He added that it should be accepted everywhere but has zero cash-in value. McAfee’s idea is that a coin that’s not based on a commodity or connected to any behavior or value will be completely free to grow.

McAfee has long been a keen enthusiast of cryptocurrency and bitcoin (BTC) bull and appears to be interested in incorporating it in his political aspirations.

Running for President

McAfee had previously revealed his plans to run for president in the 2020 US Presidential elections. He made the announcement while on a boat in international waters, as he has been indicted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The businessman is said to have admitted to tax evasion and claimed he hasn’t filed taxes for eight years.

McAfee’s presidential campaign is allegedly not a serious attempt to secure the highest post in the US, but more of an attempt to push for cryptocurrencies as a way to provide personal freedom to people.

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