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D10e to Host First Ever ICO Pitch Competition Yielding Investments From Top Crypto Hedge Funds

As our world becomes increasingly digitalized and automated, the blockchain is the latest craze within the entrepreneurial community. It promises transparency and autonomous decentralization of markets in an economy dictated by big banks and tech giants.  

Amidst the $1.4B worth of hype surrounding Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) – many believe the underlying technology has the potential to completely disrupt various key industriesAlthough there exists extensive information online regarding these technologies, it is still imperative to meet the people pioneering this innovation.

d10e – Blockchain Conference

Blockchain conferences, such as d10e, prove extraordinarily valuable for developers and investors alike. 50 international speakers and 350 participants from all over the world connect in a comfortable setting to encourage collaboration and investment in blockchain technology. The dialogue revolves around how decentralized innovations will change how humanity communicates, organizes, creates and collaborates.

Since 2014, d10e has set the gold standard for blockchain conferences. It is the oldest and most creative decentralization conference to date. Featuring speakers such as Blockchain Capital’s Brock Pierce, Krowdmentor’s Mike Costache, and Augur’s Jeremy Gardner, this conference offers an unprecedented perspective in the exponentially growing crypto space.

Attendees not only learn from these top notch speakers through panels and fireside chats – but most importantly, they attend elegant dinners and parties with them. d10e provides a complete and thorough touristic package combining five star hotel conference content during the day with tasteful dinners and parties in the evening. d10e creates the perfect setting to facilitate business and innovation in the blockchain space.

Previous d10e conferences were hosted in Amsterdam, Bucharest, San Francisco (4 editions), Singapore, and Tel Aviv.

Kiev, Ukraine – ICO Pitch competition

This next week d10e will host its 9th blockchain conference in Kiev, Ukraine. This installment of d10e will host the first ever ICO pitch competition where the first, second, and third place teams will receive direct investments from top notch crypto hedge funds.

20 blockchain teams are hand-selected to participate and judges of the Blockchain Investors Consortium (BIC) will be contributing 1-10 BTC each into the investment prize pool. 3 winners will each receive 1/3 of this BTC pool, but most importantly these winning teams will be able to tell the world that these top firms invested in their pre-ICO round.

This influences potential institutional investors to follow suit once the public token sale commences. A win in this competition will yield exponential returns for its team and idea.

Get Tickets

Lasting from September 16th to 19th, the d10e experience in Kiev initiates with a Blockchain Investors Consortium VIP Party on the 16th and a Cultural touristic excursion and pre-conference VIP Dinner & Boat Ride on the 17th. The blockchain conference will then take place on the 18th and 19th. Speakers and tickets for this event can be found here.

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