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Decentral Games Talk Serenity Island Demo and Making the Most of Matic Network’s UX

Decentral Games has kicked off another closed beta that will put their latest Ropsten MANA gameplay on its paces. The blockchain-powered game developer made the announcement and also provided a lengthy update on its latest blog. 

Ropsten MANA

According to a blog post, the company released the beta version of its Ropsten MANA gameplay via the Serenity Island demo in Decentraland’s Game Jam. The gameplay will be using the latest Rapid Transaction Architecture and will run on the Matic Network. 

Serenity Island boasts of slot machines with distinct Monte Carlo influences. The slot machines are reportedly playable using the free PLAY currency and MANA. Decentraland’s newest gaming hub is said to have a downstairs club with full-on laser animations and catchy music. There’s also a hot air balloon ride that can show players around the island. 

Players can view what the island has to offer at Decentral Games’ official website. If they have a good connection, they can expect the scene to take about 20 seconds to complete loading. The animations will start, and the user can begin interacting with the games once they hear the music. 

Anyone can explore the deployed scene using a Chrome browser. However, those who want to experience the MANA gameplay over the Matic Network should acquire a MetaMask wallet and have it verified by Decentral Games. This will entail emailing the company to request access to the beta. 

Rapid Transaction Architecture

Decentral Games pointed out in their blog that the Ropsten MANA gameplay on the Matic Network utilizes the company’s server-side application. According to the game developer, it’s their solution to the present UX and scalability issues with blockchain engagements in Decentraland. 

The company’s Rapid Transaction Architecture utilizes a Websocket connection and a Node.js server to receive transaction information from the Decentraland player, send the smart contract transaction to the Matic Network, and also handle the returning blockchain information before sending it back to the client. 

Decentral Games emphasized that with this approach, the player doesn’t have to switch their MetaMask to the Matic RPC in order to play the games. They just need to be logged in to the former, so they can access their public key. There won’t be any MetaMask pop-ups during play either, thus ensuring a seamless and fast in-game experience. 

The company also listed several other advantages to using the Rapid Transaction architecture, like ensuring only the user has access to their private key and a random number generated server-side for heightened security. What’s more, Decentral Games will be the one to shoulder gas costs. This allows the user to send their Matic blockchain transactions without needing to drop ETH to their Matic accounts.

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