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Decentraland Opens Chateau Satoshi, Uses Can Soon Use MANA Payouts

Blockchain-powered digital world Decentraland (DCL) has opened its first casino, complete with slot machines. Demo gameplay shows that future users will be able to switch gameplays and choose between MANA and ETH Payouts.

Ongoing CBT 

The virtual world is developed by Decentral Games, a company known for designing gambling games. Decentraland (DCL) is currently in closed beta testing, but it has already opened its first virtual casino, the aptly named Chateau Satoshi.

In its latest blog post, Decentral Games explained that a demo of the DCL gameplay is now open to core members of the community. The company felt that this was a good way to receive important feedback regarding gameplay,   UI, casino design, and overall experience. 

The company said that it will launch a casino scene to 19 packets of LAND near the entrance of Decentraland’s Vegas City. 

The company further explained that the default gameplay in the closed beta demo utilizes bogus PLAY currency without any blockchain interaction. 

There’s also a Free-to-Play version that will give the user a little taste of what Decentral Games can offer. The user can try it out without having to register an account. This version’s UI gameplay box will have a toggle that lets the user switch to either the ETH Payout gameplay or the MANA Payout one. 

LAND in DCL terms refers to the 16m x 16m virtual blocks of land. MANA is the digital currency used in Decentraland while ETH or Ethereum, is the other currency used. Gambling using these cryptocurrencies are not available yet, but Decentral Games promises it will happen soon. 

Ryan Schultz on the Topic

Virtual world enthusiast Ryan Schultz was able to visit the casino and described the experience in his blog. He also took several shots of Chateau Satoshi’s interior and it showed an Art Deco-inspired scene in gold and white. Several grand staircases dominated the interior. 

Schultz explained that a pop-up automatically appears in the screen’s bottom right-hand corner as soon as you enter the casino. The box tells you how much credits you have, how much you’ve won, and your current bet. The blogger also shared several shots of slot machines that were actually working. 

Numerous jurisdictions worldwide have banned online gambling in digital worlds, something that Decentraland Games is aware of and addressed in its blog. 

The company stated that to comply with legislation, users playing ETH and MANA Payout versions are mandated to have their age and location verified. The company will also ask for authorization to transfer MANA on the player’s behalf.

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