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Decentraland Pumps By Over 45% Following HTC Partnership Announcement

Decentraland’s native ERC20 token, MANA, suddenly broke all its resistance levels as it spiked by 45% following an announcement that it will partner with the Taiwan-based electronics giant HTC. The impact of the collaboration hit the street resulting in an unprecedented upward break out in Decentraland price.

From the example of Decentraland and HTC, one can see that partnerships are essential in bringing out the real-life use of many coins and tokens. One way to go up the popularity scale for coins is to find a worthy partner. Decentraland is no exception as it found its right match in HTC, one of the smartphone giants in the world.

Decentraland on HTC Exodus 1

Decentraland will first prove to be of use in the HTC EXODUS 1. The HTC EXODUS 1 is a leader in the realm of blockchain mobile devices. Decentraland assets will use the Zion Vault for secure storage. Zion Vault is the most private of all vaults on the blockchain and has so many features.

The partnership will be very efficient and good for both Decentraland and HTC Exodus. This is because both companies are committed to continually revolutionizing the way people manage not just their identities but also their crypto assets and other virtual digital possessions online.

More Users for Decentraland

In fact, HTC itself is a big boost to Decentraland’s popularity. HTC is a pioneer in the manufacture and distribution of mobile hardware. It is also the creator of the mobile foundational technology as well as the virtual reality program that the Project EXODUS has adopted. This virtual reality technology is an initial move that supports the theoretical decentralized web, which is a futuristic idea at the moment.

Everyone seems happy with the partnership as much as they are happy to see Decentraland in every HTC Exodus user. This is a plus for the coin’s popularity. HTC will allow its users to secure and double-check their Decentraland identities and assets in the convenience of their pocket. The convenience is based on the fact that this entirely eliminates the middleman.

There is still the question of how much Decentraland will benefit from the collaboration with HTC Exodus. However, for now, there is every reason to celebrate.

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