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Donnerlabs Launches New FPS Game That Allows Players to Hunt for Bitcoin

Online gaming platform Donnerlabs recently announced its latest project, a first-person shooter game that gives players the chance to collect Bitcoin. 

In its Nov. 19 tweet, Donnerlabs revealed that it was launching a new first-person shooter (FPS) game called “Bitcoin Bounty Hunt.” 

Hunt for Bitcoin and Satoshi Cubes

Bitcoin Bounty Hunt will reportedly let players search for Bitcoin (BTC) and collect “Satoshi cubes.” They can also kill the game’s other online bounty hunters and collect their bounties. A neutrino wallet integrated in the game will store the individual player’s coins in a non-custodial setting. It will also supply ad space for Hold-like auctions. 

The multiplayer game is a full-on Lightning network native. Using the Lightning network’s payment system will provide gamers the chance to conduct fast micropayments. The protocol also allows gamers to be punished or rewarded with real Bitcoins. 

Donnerlabs is the brainchild of Konstantin Nick. The twenty-five-year-old founded the gaming platform after 2018’s Lightning Hackday held in Munich, Germany. It was initially developed as a way to introduce Bitcoin to more people. 

The idea of using games to raise cryptocurrency awareness among people was a brilliant move, and one that other companies are following. 


Bitcoin-powered gaming company Satoshi Games announced in October that it developed a Fortnite-inspired game called Lightnite. The game had Lightning Network transactions built in. Players can interact with each other to trigger either a penalty or a monetary reward. 

Satoshi Games explained it more succinctly and said that players earn BTC by shooting the other players and lose tokens when they get shot in return. 

Lightnite is said to update changes in the game in real time. It means that when a player inflicts damage on another player, is damaged back, or picks an item with bitcoin value, they can withdraw their balance almost instantaneously using the Lightning Network. 

Gamers are not the only ones extolling these types of innovations. Tim Draper, a known crypto venture capitalist, stated in November that revolutionary concepts like the Lightning Network could be the linchpin in pushing Bitcoin price up. 

Draper believes the currency can even hit $250,000 by the time 2022 or 2023 rolls around. He says this is possible because of “Bitcoin payment processors.” 

According to Draper, payment processors like the Lightning Network, OpenNode, and others like it allow consumers to spend Bitcoin quickly and freely. He added that it will eventually make bitcoin more than a store of value, but something that can be utilized for retail and micropayments. The token can be used virtually anywhere.

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