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Dr. Yusof Mutahar: An Exceptional Entrepreneur and Doctor from Australia

Dr. Yusof Matuhar is killing it.

Dr. Yusof Mutahar is a Doctor, Model, Actor, Athlete, Entrepreneur, and renowned Social Media sensation from Australia.

Besides being a successful doctor, he has attained a lot in his life. In 2018, he co-founded his own cosmetics skincare range named Dr. Yusof Cosmetics, which went international in the market.

Dr. Mutahar subsequently created his own clothing brand named Dr. Yusof Scrubs which encompasses health-related apparel and custom. He is intending to formulate his charitable organization called Dr. Yusof Foundation. He is a black belt in Judo he has gained numerous possession and attained a number of achievements in the sport. In 2018, he represented Australia in the sport of Judo as well.

Mutahar began his modeling career at the age of 23. Dr. Mutahar has proposed his modeling career, making himself a recognized and iconic fashion and fitness model. He has worked for health industries and upscale fashion company and brands such as Gucci, Champion, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren. He made his debut in the acting industry in 2019, being cast in two, Hollywood movies. One of those involved him playing the role of a doctor. Subsequently, success in the film industry, Dr. Yusof has been cast in more mainstream movies including upcoming Bollywood action films. He has also been offered roles in several big-budget movies for 2020.

Now stepping towards success each and every day he has made his own aura and presently his worth is computed to be Five million dollars which are a massive figure to look at. Thus, for his wonderful journey ahead we wish him good luck.

He has also released a music album.

Will he enter the crypto space soon?

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