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Ethereum Facing Social Media Drama

MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monahan gave her thoughts regarding the resignation Afri Schoedon from Ethereum. Schoedon, who was considered as an Ethereum community leader, was left under fire from social media harassment after he tweeted a meme on Ethereum Scaling Solution Polkadot. As a result, Schoedon left his work from Ethereum but remained in Parity.

bob summerwill with afri schoedon
Parity’s Afri Schoedon (right)

Monahan spoke about the reputation of Schoedon in Ethereum, saying “He’s been around since the very, very early days. I actually came into contact with him in 2015 on the Ethereum StackExchange, where he was a master at answering all the questions. From there, his involvement on the community side and on the education side has only grown. I’m not sure when, but at some point, he became the release manager for Parity, which means that he manages all the releases. He writes the notes for the releases. He works closely with all the node operators, like the exchanges and ourselves, to ensure that we’re up to date. If we have any issue, we have a point of contact through him.”

Ethereum-Afri Drama

She only found out more about the tension that Schoedon experienced from someone during the Ethereum conference EthDenver, saying “I missed the escalation of the drama. But someone at EthDenver was like ‘What do you think of this Afri situation?’ They said he had tweeted something and they showed it to me. I had already seen it and was like ‘wait, people are blowing up about this?’”

Putting this problem to rest may be more of a hassle. Mohanan thinks that the ever-increasing Ethereum community caused the growing toxicity on Twitter: “If we get so caught up in hurting each other and breaking each other down and fighting within our own little chains, it’s not going to help cryptocurrency as a whole progress. One of the reasons I was originally attracted to Ethereum was because I never found a place in Bitcoin. I thought it was very dramatic and political, And Ethereum was the exact opposite.”

The cryptocurrency community is left with a growing number of participants who have different or less-serious intentions including trolls and misleading comments. Politics may soon take over while the internet drama continues.

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