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Ethereum Price Shows Adjustment to Long-term Growth

This week, Ethereum price has shown a long expected adjustment to its long-term growth. According to the Vice President of the PBOC Research Department, the growing interest in smart contracts can be explained by the fact that the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance infrastructure allows you to develop truly great smart applications.

Although Russia and China are considering using Ethereum to digitalize their national currencies, the Ethereum price is “stuck” between two long-term resistance zones: $300 – $400. It is possible this is due to the fact that Blockchain Ethereum usage is unlikely to be used by banks, however the interest will surely continue grow.

After Ethereum price fell to $250, there was a rebound from the long-term resistance. The demand at the uptrend peak of $400 is significantly lower than it was on June 12-14. Overall, the demand and supply levels are falling, and this is an indication of the average traders’ uncertainty.

The strategic level is in the $300 area. If there’s a large player’s position there, there will be no downward movement if the price reaches its mark and the growth continues. If there are no positions at $250, there will be a new fall, which will start from a downward turn in the $340 – $350 area.

After another fall to $14, Ethereum Classic couldn’t form a turn at the key point. If a large player does not start speculating to fix profits, the growth will go on. The $20 area is essential for a large buyer, as it is in high demand. This is obviously higher than the one on June 12-14 .

If the demand stays the same on this mark and there is no downward turn, the growth will continue. Otherwise, the price fall to the starting point is quite likely. If there’s a correction to the $300 area and no downward turn, chances are Ethereum price will grow. Ethereum Classic upward movement will go on if there is no downward turn at the $20 mark.

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