How Amazon Managed Blockchain Works

A blockchain is a system that allows participating parties to conduct transactions across a shared network. A working blockchain should be constantly monitored as changes such as the fluctuation of transaction requests or the number of members occur. Amazon Managed Blockchain provides the services you will need from the creation of your blockchain network to its deployment and maintenance.

Amazon Managed Blockchain hosts the blockchain network for you by setting up networking and security components, configuring software, processing transaction requests, storing a copy of the ledger, and automatically provisioning hardware across your blockchain infrastructure. It also can manage the addition and subtraction of network members in your blockchain with Managed Blockchain’s voting API. Nodes that poorly function are automatically replaced which enables your blockchain network to grow over time easily. You can conveniently access your and analyze your blockchain network’s activity through Amazon QLDB. It is a managed ledger database where Amazon Managed Blockchain automatically stores network data history. Handling a scalable blockchain with Amazon Managed Blockchain would grant control-free management with just a few clicks here and there.

After signing up for Amazon Managed Blockchain, you will choose one of two blockchain frameworks of your preference. The system support both Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, with the former offering stricter privacy and permission controls and the latter providing transparency verifications among members. You, then, invite members from multiple AWS accounts to your blockchain network, create and configure blockchain peer nodes, and deploy decentralized applications to your networks. You can now make transactions with members on the system.

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