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Instant Messaging Service Telegram Rolls out Test Client for TON

Encrypted IM service company Telegram has finally rolled out a test client for the initial version of its Telegram Open Network (TON).

Lite Client

Based on files uploaded on, the newly revealed file archive that’s currently available for download is a circulation of a trial version of its TON Blockchain Network Lite Client. The company’s readme information file also revealed the test client comes with the key parts of the TON Blockchain Library. The development is a stripped-down iteration of the Lite Client.

A GitHub user apparently uploaded one version of the test client on May 25. According to the readme file posted on the site, the client will be linked to a complete node for the TON testnet if it was configured correctly.


Fift is TON’s new programming language that was announced last week. It’s developed specifically to create and manage TON blockchain-backed smart contracts and for connecting with its Virtual Machine.

The IM service was said to have launched beta testing on their TON blockchain in April. At the time, it was reported that Telegram limited the testing to several global developers. The testing didn’t reveal any particular results, but two testers who requested anonymity claimed the blockchain showed extremely fast transaction speeds.

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