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Join Crypto Market Live Now to Learn Risk Management Strategy With Naeem Aslam & Charlie Burton

In today’s Crypto Markets Live, veteran traders Charlie Burton and Naeem Aslam will discuss one of the key aspects of every successful trading strategy: risk management.

No matter how good you are at reading the charts, if you don’t have a well functioning risk management strategy to back up your trading, you will almost certainly end up losing money.

Aslam and Burton will share their best insights on how to manage risk while trading cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. In particular, they will focus on basic principles, such as how to best calculate win/reward ratio, how to diversify your trading portfolio, and how to correctly place a stop-loss.

During the show, don’t forget to write any questions you might have in the chat. We’ll pick the most interesting ones and ask them to our guests!

Hosted every Thursday by Cointelegraph, the Crypto Markets Live show brings together the best traders and market experts to discuss technical analysis, price movements, trading tips, and more.

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