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Judge Endorses Craig Wright Surrendering 50% of Bitcoins and Property Rights to Plaintiffs

The judge presiding over the drawn-out legal battle between alleged Bitcoin (BTC) creator Craig Wright and the heirs of the late David Kleiman has ruled that the latter be awarded half of the bitcoins the defendant held. 

A source who was present in the court revealed that Judge Bruce Reinhart recommended that Kleiman’s estate be given 50% of the bitcoin and intellectual property rights connected with BTC’s software that Wright held before Dec. 31, 2013. 

Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto

The individual also shared that the judge rejected the testimony of the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto and said Wright committed perjury by giving the court falsified documents. However, Judge Reinhart did not make any decision on whether Wright is really Satoshi Nakamoto. 

While Wright can file an appeal, the judge also ruled that he won’t be entitled to a trial by jury and can’t oppose the decision. 

The Kleiman vs Wright odyssey started back in February 2018 when lawyers for the family filed charges against the Australian for stealing hundreds of thousands of Bitcoin after the computer programmer’s death. As of press time, the value of the cryptocurrency was pegged at over $5 billion. 

District Judge Beth Bloom

While the substantial issues about the case has already been decided, it’s technically not over. Procedural issues, including the collection of assets, still need to be hammered out. However, Reinhard’s decision will be adopted by District Judge Beth Bloom.  

Documents about the case and the ruling are not available yet. However, an evidentiary hearing has been scheduled for the plaintiff’s motion for contempt or sanctions due to compelling discovery.

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