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Komodo Token Joins Liquid Crypto Exchange Platform

The Komodo Platform is now live on the Liquid Exchange Platform. The company has recently announced that its vaunted KMD token will be listed on Liquid. 

Komodo’s token (KMD) is a crypto project that aims to provide anonymity using security and zero-knowledge proofs via a new Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protocol. 

Komodo is a secure, interoperable, stable ecosystem and blockchain platform that gives end-to-end technology solutions. The company is also a Zcash fork. It means the features in Zcash are also incorporated in the platform, like zero-knowledge proof protocol. 


The pioneering multi-blockchain platform has recently rolled out a new project, AtomicDEX. This decentralized crypto exchange is integrated with Dash and is designed to facilitate mutual trading without third party intrusion. 

AtomicDEX currently supports specially selected cryptocurrencies and will add more in the future. The exchange platform is user-friendly, and every swap and transaction is guaranteed to be real. 

The system is undergoing a public beta stage and can be downloaded on both the Android and iOS systems. The app already boasts of more than a thousand downloads in just a week.

Komodo’s latest project uses atomic swap technology. It’s a one-of-a-kind P2P trading that provides easy to navigate and highly secured operations. Users can trade between different blockchains, multiple digital currencies, and exchange platforms. More importantly, traders remain in full control of their private keys. 

Antara Framework and Smart Chains

Another notable project from the Komodo platform is the Antara framework and its Smart Chains. They are the first layer in the Antara structure and are described as purpose-built, independent, and scalable. They’re also interoperable so they can form a multiple chain ecosystem. 

Smart chains are designed to be independent, which means each one has its own decentralized network, consensus policies, and currency. Fees will be paid using the specific user’s coin. It’s not reliant on Komodo or the KMD. 

These chains are customizable so they can be developed to fit a particular use case, whether it’s to provide fintech solutions, design blockchain games, manage supply chains or global remittances, the tokenization of assets, and so much more. Antara Smart Chains can be customized in 18 different ways and the client can even select the consensus rules. 

More importantly, Smart Chains can be used to improve performance. A lone chain might not be enough to power your software or app. But multiple Smart Chains can be synchronized so they can work as one unit to boost throughput. Meanwhile, a burn protocol will keep the coin supply steady.

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