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Libra Association Announces Bug Bounty Program for Facebook Stablecoin Open to Everyone

The Libra Association recently announced its bug bounty program for Facebook’s proposed stablecoin is now open to the public. The news was posted on Libra’s official website. 

According to the post, the Libra Association made the bug bounty program available to the general public as a way to meet security concerns ahead of the digital coin’s highly anticipated release in 2020.

The announcement also emphasized that expanding the Libra program would endorse values the Libra Association regarded as critical, like global access, openness, and transparency. It will also ensure that few issues would crop up after the token has been rolled-out. 

Libra Association

The Libra Association also stated that inviting the public to join the bug hunting program will encourage people from different backgrounds and with diverse skills to scrutinize the security surrounding Libra’s blockchain. 

The head of the association’s developer ecosystem, Michael Engle, said in a blog post that participants in the bounty program can earn as much as $10,000 for discovering crucial security problems. 

Engle said that opening the program to outsiders was motivated by the company’s desire to assist their researchers in exposing issues while the stablecoin’s blockchain is still being tested and there’s no real money involved. 

He also reiterated Calibra head David Marcus’ statement that Facebook is taking the time to make sure they’re doing things right. 

Bounty Program

It has been noted that the revelation about the bounty program didn’t mention Facebook. The social media giant is considered as the force behind the Libra Association. However, Marcus tried to downplay Facebook’s involvement by explaining to regulators and the public that the company is just one of the Libra Association’s members.

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