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Orbit Is Commercializing Solar Energy Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been making waves in recent years. There have been many promising use-cases involving blockchains that could help move the adoption of solar energy forward. These include connecting solar projects with investors, providing a way for guaranteeing passive income to solar energy producers, and much more. A new project established on the Ethereum blockchain called Orbit is the latest to throw its hat into the ring.

What Is Orbit?

Orbit is a brand new blockchain-based business involved in the buying and selling of renewable energy products and services. A blockchain is an encrypted ledger of transactions maintained by a distributed network of users instead of a centralized authority. The ledger is public, while its users are anonymous. This ensures that records can’t be altered, leading to the ability to trust complete strangers when buying and selling something. What this essentially does is incentivize anyone and everyone to participate in transactions safely.

There have been thousands of blockchain-based projects unveiled over the years, yet few of them have withstood the test of time. This is usually due to them being scams and run by people looking to get rich quick, rather than having a vision they are passionate about.

Orbit is a different project. It has a vision of making the world a better place by addressing the massive issue of climate change. Founder Victor Knight wants to help by empowering individuals and businesses to be a part of the renewable energy revolution. With Orbit, everyday people can get involved in renewable energy, even if they thought it was outside of their financial means to do so.

Orbit is the headlining project currently under the Orbit Network. Its focus is to make it easy and accessible to invest in renewable energy. ORBT tokens can be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing anyone to invest in the future of the renewable energy industry. Since this token is on the Ethereum blockchain, you can enjoy complete anonymity.

Transforming the Renewable Energy Industry

The potential to fundamentally transform the renewable energy industry is extraordinary with a project like Orbit. The use of the blockchain to empower people and businesses with buying and selling clean energy can accelerate the shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.

Thanks to the Orbit Network, people like you will be able to have their own solar cells and generators for clean power. Even if you don’t take the plunge to buy a physical product that will produce solar energy, you can invest in ORBT tokens and share in the wealth generation produced by increasingly more extensive use of renewable energy.

Orbit’s token pre-sale will allow you to jump in on an incredible opportunity that is purpose-driven to help combat the challenges facing humanity due to climate change. You can join the token pre-sale here. If you want to learn more about the Orbit Network projects, find out more here. There’s also an official Telegram channel you can join to get the latest updates on this exciting new solar energy project. The future is renewable, so consider being a part of the renewable revolution by investing in Orbit.

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