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São Paulo’s Municipal Government Set to Use Blockchain Registry for Public Work Projects

The federal government of São Paulo City in Brazil will be using a blockchain-powered registry for its public work projects. 

The city’s Municipal Secretariat of Urban Infrastructure and Works awarded blockchain company Constructivo the job of implementing blockchain-powered solution for its city hall. 

São Paulo has decided to utilize a blockchain solution for its public works projects. Despite a substantial public investment in the construction of several roads and bridges, severe conditions forced the closure of these much-needed infrastructure. 

Marcus Granadeiro on the Topic

Constructivo President Marcus Granadeiro claims their platform will improve stakeholders’ access to relevant data for the various projects. 

Granadeiro explained that it’s crucial that information from every construction asset in the city or from any current project are made available online to each decision maker. He also said that document and process management will happen in real time anywhere. 

He also said that utilizing blockchain technology for projects in public works helps the city determine the source of problems that might manifest years after the project has been completed. Blockchain tech will ensure there’s an unchangeable record of all relevant data. 

Efficiency and Transparency

Blockchain technology is increasingly being used in Brazil and other countries. The technology is implemented by various government levels and agencies in a bid to improve efficiency and transparency of public administration. 

Early this summer, Brazil’s federal government started discussions on a draft bill that mandates all local administrations to advocate new technologies like blockchain. 

In August, the government of Maharashtra, India’s second-largest state, started preparations for a regulatory sandbox that will test blockchain-based solutions across diverse applications.

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