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Tech Titan IBM Increases Tally of US Blockchain Patents Since 2018

Premier technology firm IBM has tripled its tally of blockchain patents obtained in the US since 2018. The company currently boasts of having more than 100 live patent groups. 

According to the data collated by GuerillaBuzz co-founder Yuval Halevi, the amount of progressive patent families IBM has leaves other illustrious tech companies like Dell Technologies, Intel, and Microsoft languishing in its wake. 

300% In Just One Year

The blockchain and crypto PR company noted that IBM’s blockchain patents have risen by 300% in just one year. GuerillaBuzz also observed that when one of the world’s biggest companies invests a lot of their resources on establishing a blockchain department, it means the market has potential. 

However, IBM does have a competition in the international stage. The report claimed that China is outpacing the United States and the world in general when it comes to blockchain patents. 

Halevi’s tweeted that Alibaba is the preeminent Chinese company in terms of blockchain patents, even though it only has 25 patents filed in the United States. 

Data From Securities Daily

Based on data gathered by the Securities Daily, Alibaba had already applied for an astounding 262 patents as of May. It also reported that China is the world leader in patent applications related to blockchain. Various Chinese companies had reportedly filed 4,435 patents from 2013 to 2018. The U.S had only been able to register 1,833 patents within the same time period. 

However, a contradicting study was presented by Withers & Rogers LLP and the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property. The report proposed that there were a higher number of blockchain-based patent applications filed in the U.S than China between the period of 2012 and 2018.

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