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The Peel Connection is Changing the Chemical Peel Industry

Tell us about The Peel Connection. 

Nidah Barber-Raymond: I received a chemical peel over 10 years ago and was instantly impressed. I was in my early 30s and definitely concerned about aging. I saw brighter, tighter, and more even skin instantly. I have a college degree from Emerson College so it was a new field for me to start in. I loved skincare and peels so it made sense for me to start my own business in the industry and call it The Peel Connection. I came up with the name while I was driving and I instantly knew. I pulled over and reserved the domain. 

How did you promote your company in the early days?

Nidah Barber-Raymond: I was giving neighbors, friends and relatives peels. Their results were so immediate that their friends were coming to see me.  I was pretty busy and was grateful to be able to gain experience right off the bat.  I was handing my card out to complete strangers with problematic skin wherever I went. It was uninvited at times but in the end they usually thanked me. I would be so excited when they allowed me to work on them and make their skin issues disappear. Mainly hyperpigmentation.

How have you been able to grow your business? Be specific.

Nidah Barber-Raymond: Social Media and Yelp have been instrumental to my growth.  Client reviews are essential when you perform chemical peels.  It’s a requirement 

What are your viral or sales secrets in your most successful platform?

Nidah Barber-Raymond: Instagram has been fantastic for me on a national level while Yelp has been very helpful for people who are local to Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area. 

Hashtags are the best secret I can share with you. It’s the only way to be found along with good, consistent photos and informative content. 

Teach us something we don’t know. 

If you don’t specialize in what you need then outsource it. Give 100%, and if that means hiring a social media person or administrative assistant then do so. 

What do you think you do better than most people? How are you able to do it?

Nidah Barber-Raymond: I guess that would be my ability to assess and evaluate what a client needs. By asking certain questions about what their goals are and what their history is I am able to offer them the best solution possible for their skin. 

What are some of the best books you’ve ever read?

Nidah Barber-Raymond: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza is a favorite.  A client told me about this book. He was a Navy seal. I would like to believe that anything is possible in this world. This book definitely can open up a perspective on what’s possible about change. 

Where do you see you and your product in a few years? What’s your dream?

Nidah Barber-Raymond: My dream is to educate the public on all types of peels and destigmatize them. Samantha from Sex and the City’s character shouldn’t have the last word.

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