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UN Pins Hopes on Blockchain Solutions for Afghanistan’s Sustainable Development

The United Nations is reportedly developing blockchain solutions geared to help Afghanistan’s sustainable urban development. 

Blockchain-based Resolutions

According to a recent report from tech media site The Sociable, the UN’s Office of Communication and Information Technologies or UN-OICT is creating blockchain-based resolutions for land registration and records and transparency in services. 

Stephane Dujarric, the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, said that the blockchain approach is part of the organization’s initiative dubbed “City for All.”

City for All

The “City for All” scheme started in 2016. Its charter is set to run until 2020, with an objective to improve 12 Afghan cities, including Kabul, the country’s capital. 

The program foresees that the majority of the country’s population will be urbanized in 15 years. It is also prioritizing three key points- improved municipal finances, calculated urban planning, and competent land management. 

UN-Habitat and UN-OICT

The decision to experiment with blockchain tech to resolve Afghanistan’s infrastructure demands is the result of a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UN-Habitat and the UN-OICT. The former is in charge of providing “City for All” with technical support. 

The memorandum tasks the two UN offices of looking to increase collaboration in South Asia, particularly in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. It also underlines the need to focus on the development of rising digital platforms and technology tools for urban planning and design. 

The United Nations had previously utilized blockchain technology in improving sectors like the health services in East Africa. The organization also founded a blockchain-powered credit office in Sierra LLeone during the UN’s General Assembly in September of last year.

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