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Venezuelan Company Coincoin Now Accepting Bitcoin Cash as Payment Option

Coincoin, a crypto mining supplier based in Caracas, Venezuela, is now accepting Bitcoin cash (BCH) as one of its payment options.

Venezuela is one of the countries that have readily adopted crypto technology. The ease the country has accepted digital currency is likely influenced by the economic and political crisis currently plaguing the region.

Coincoin supplies crypto miners with the hardware and accessories they need. The company is trying to maintain its business in volatile conditions and due to this, has accepted decentralized crypto as the preferred method of payment, store of value and exchange. Digital currencies are currently regarded as more reliable and affordable than fiat bills.

An Online Platform with a Brick-and-Mortar Shop

Coincoin has both an online platform and a brick-and-mortar shop in Caracas. The company carries a wide range of products for crypto mining, like Bitmain’s Antminer models, video cards for amateur mining, power supplies, cooling fans, racks for mining gigs and other accessories. The company’s online store also carries and ships numerous products, like smartphones and home appliances.

While all Coincoin products can be purchased with euros and US dollars, the company also accepts cryptocurrencies like BCH, bitcoin core (BTC) and dash. The three are popular digital currencies in Venezuela.

Using Crypto through Coincoin

Customers who want to use cryptocurrency can choose to use BCH on Coincoin’s homepage. Once the crypto is selected, all prices in the site will be converted and priced in bitcoin cash. You’ll be asked for your personal details at checkout. You can either create an account to shop in their online store or order as a guest. Customers have reported that shopping using BCH is fast and transactions go smoothly.

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